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COVID-19: Helping fight the spread of
the virus worldwide

Globus Group has responded to the pandemic, stepping up with speed and
agility to deliver market leading personal protection across all sectors.

Proud to be at the forefront

The global shock of Covid-19 has caused changes in behaviour on an unprecedented scale across the world. It has highlighted as never before the importance of safety of the general public, the most vulnerable and people at work - particularly those on the healthcare frontline. Many restrictions and measures have been implemented to help save the lives of millions internationally, and we are proud to be at the forefront of ensuring protection and peace of mind.


Our 25-year heritage of providing PPE across industry and healthcare has equipped us with the expertise to rapidly provide top-performing, high-quality equipment throughout the hugely demanding challenges of the pandemic.

Safety First

Since January 2020 we have put a programme of safety protocols in place, to keep our people protected across all our facilities. These measures are under constant review and we are hugely grateful to everyone across the Globus family for their tireless efforts and dedication to keeping PPE supplies flowing.

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Increased Production

We have also substantially increased production, creating hundreds of new positions, providing skilled, durable jobs during the economic crisis as well as accelerating delivery to the frontline. We are committed to 75% UK manufacturing of respiratory products as we respond to the urgent demand for PPE.

Over 1 BILLION medical masks

Our partnerships with the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS Scotland are delivering on a promise to manufacture more than a billion medical masks from our UK factories in Warrington, Dumfries and Annan.

Driving forward & making a

We pride ourselves on creating products that really make a difference to our customers, so we pay special attention to fit testing and wearability, ensuring we deliver protection users can depend on.

Frontline First


Rapidly increased production to meet the demands of manufacturing vital PPE for health services in the UK

Always on:

Our dedicated teams are working around the clock to keep dialogue open with customers and healthcare bodies to provide PPE as quickly and efficiently as possible


We’ve created an NHS Hub to support the implementation of the UK-made Alpha Solway HX3 FF3 mask

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Manufacturing and job creation


We committed to 75% UK manufacturing and scaled up to invest in new facility development and plant expansion in Warrington and Dumfries to serve England and Scotland’s NHS


Since the outbreak began, we have tripled our workforce, recruiting around 600 new staff from diverse backgrounds and doubled our output to provide lifesaving products across the UK


Our new and expanded plants are producing one billion medical masks annually. In addition, we’re making six million FFP3 respirator masks, meeting England and Scotland’s health and social care needs

Protecting Our Employees


We have implemented various protocols to help protect our employees and keep them safe whilst working to provide essential PPE to frontline workers


We have partnered with key stakeholders and government bodies across the UK to help continue operations collaboratively in unprecedented circumstances

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Innovation and sustainability


We have partnered with universities and professional scientific bodies to continue our PPE innovation and sustainability across all ranges of personal protection. This is helping us to deliver products faster and more cost-effectively

Local Manufacturing:

We are working with local organisations and suppliers to help source raw materials, recycle products and create hundreds of regional jobs

Our NHS Hub

Our NHS Hub is designed to support frontline workers using our UK-made Alpha Solway HX3 FFP3 mask. This Hub provides extensive information on the medical grade respirator complete with a simple video demonstration on how to fit your mask correctly.

The Hub was launched to provide frontline workers and NHS Trusts with expertise in facilitating optimum fit test pass rates and give advice on fitting techniques. With every individual requiring a bespoke fit for their face, we found that the provision of support materials and handy tips results in successful average pass rates.

For more information and to view the NHS Hub, click the button below.