A World Of PPE Solutions

From the rigours of heavy construction to the complexities of clean room and aerospace manufacturing, we have helped organisations to enhance safety and achieve greater worker compliance.

Globus Group has worked tirelessly since 1994 to provide high-performing world class safety and healthcare solutions to customers and consumers across the globe.

With a unique style and identity, our solutions are bespoke and built upon the cornerstones of protections, 'wearability', compliance and productivity.

From the base of a highly successful hand protection division, our desire to better protect workers has resulted in several acquisitions and additions to Globus Group.

We acquired Alpha Solway™, developed and launched Riley® eyewear and recently introduced innovative German manufacturing excellence through the addition of ENHA.

We continue to make progress in helping healthcare workers with our HAIKA® brand.

Consultation & Support

Products form only one aspect of our solution. It is our consultative approach and support that turns aspiration into reality.

The depth and breadth of experience and industry knowledge contained within the Globus Group is unrivalled. And Globus Group is fully equipped and resourced to solve PPE challenges efficiently through implementation and educational support that drives successful worker engagement.