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ENHA E-Man 4000

Innovative Unvented Safety Helmet With Integrated, Retractable Visor For Arc Flash Protection

Features and Benefits
  • Conforms to EN 397:2012+A1:2012 and EN 50365:2002 1000V a.c. / 1500V d.c.
  • Visor conforms to EN 166:2001 and EN 170:2002
  • E-Visor for arc flash protection up to 4kA, retractable full face shield, clear
  • Multiple colour combinations of helmet shell and Crashbox
  • Unvented
  • Slots (30mm) for hearing protection accessories
  • 6-point textile suspension harness
  • Padded headband with easy to use ratchet for size adjustment
  • Fleece sweatband
  • 4-point self-releasing chin-strap mounts
  • Made in Germany

ENHA E-Man 4000

E-Man 4000 electrical safety helmet with fully retractable visor and crashbox. The award-winning E-MAN 4000 is a high-quality helmet with a modern design that protects against arc flash of up to 4kA. For extra protection against impacts, the E-MAN range also features ENHA’s patented Crashbox. E-MAN is also equipped with a fully retractable visor that protects the entire face.

EN 397 EN397:2012+A1:2012
EN 397 Electrical insulation up to 440V 440V
EN 397 Splashes of molten metal (mm) MM
EN 397 Low temperature -30°C
EN 50365 - insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations EN 50365:2002 1000V a.c. / 1500V d.c.
ANSI/ISEA ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014, Type 1, Class C
ARC FLASH PROTECTION GS-ET-29 GS-ET-29 up to 4kA / 0.5 sec electrical arc (visor)
Shell Colour Red
Crashbox Colour Red
Harness Type 6-Point
Adjustability Ratchet
SWEATBAND MATERIAL Polyester (PES)/Polyurethan foam (PU)
SLOTS 30mm
Shelf Life Up to 3 years at 0oC to 40oC
IN USE LIFETIME Up to 5 years (as long as undamaged)
CLEANING Helmet can be hand washed and cleaned with warm soapy water. Chemicals or abrasive cleaners should not be used.
STORAGE Storage out of direct sunlight in original packaging is recommended.
DISPOSAL Disposal via normal waste; material is ideal for incineration. Material is not recycled and is not biodegradable.
CORPORATE BRANDING Up to 6 colour logo printing
Additional Items 1,2,3,6,18,24,29,30,33,44
Helmet Marking 1 EN397
Helmet Marking 2 EN50365
Helmet Marking 3 CE0299
Helmet Marking 4 Material: ABS
Helmet Marking 5 Headband size: 53-62cm
Helmet Marking 6 Helmet type: Class 0 and batch number
Helmet Marking 7 Production date: year/month
Helmet Marking 8 Manufacturer: ENHA GmbH, Kasteler Str. 11, 66620 Nonnweiler
Helmet Marking 9 -30oC
Helmet Marking 10 AC 1000 V / DC 15000 V (EN50365)
Helmet Marking 11 MM Molten Metal protection
Helmet Marking 12 VDE
Visor Marking 1 2C-1.2 ENH 1 B 8-1-0 K 3 CE 1883
Visor Marking 2 2C = UV filter (does not affect colour recognition)
Visor Marking 3 1.2 = Clear lens shade
Visor Marking 4 ENH = Identification of manufacturer
Visor Marking 5 1 = Optical class
Visor Marking 6 B = Protection against high speed particles 120m/sec 6mm
Visor Marking 7 steel ball
Visor Marking 8 8 = Protection against electrical arc
Visor Marking 9 1 = Arc class 1
Visor Marking 10 0 = Transmittance class 0
Visor Marking 11 K =Anti-scratch protection
Visor Marking 12 3 = Protection against liquid droplets and splashes
Visor Marking 13 CE = Compliance with EU 2016/425
Visor Marking 14 1883 = Number of Notified Body (Test house)
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