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Over 25 Years of providing innovative protection solutions for healthcare and industry.

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ENHA Syntis Classic Bump Cap

Designed to be one of the lightest and most breathable bump caps on the market.

Features and Benefits
  • Stylish outer caps available in 2 designs, 3 peak options and multiple colour choices
  • Conforms to EN 812:2012
  • Maximum air circulation thanks to unique airflow management
  • Aerated and breathable materials
  • Water repellent textiles
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture vapour transfer technology
  • Designed to be compatible with hearing and eye protection PPE
  • Anthropomorphically sized
  • 40°C wash cycle
  • Low profile, secure size adjustment
  • Stylish outer caps available in 2 designs and multiple colour choices
  • Space for corporate logos to be embroidered or printed on
  • Manufactured with patented thermoregulating 37.5® Technology. Active particles permanently embedded in the materials to keep your body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5°C.

ENHA Syntis Classic Bump Cap

An extremely comfortable industrial bump cap that provides an innovative size adaptation solution, optimum thermo regulation, choice of stylish cap designs and best in class protection.

Cat II
Helmet Marking 1
Certification EN812:2012
Very low temperature -30°C
Adjustability Buckle
Shell Material HDPE
SWEATBAND MATERIAL Brushed nylon, 1.5mm spacer fabric 100% Polyester, Cocona 37.5® Technology
Liner material Blown Polypropylene Foam
Solid cap fabric 50% Polyester, 42% Polyester 37.5® Technology, 8% Spandex
Mesh cap fabric 100% Polyester
Adjustment elastic band material 50% Polyester, 50% Segmented Polyurethane (Reach 151 SVHC)
Adjustment buckle material POM
Peak Length 25mm | 55mm | 70mm
SHELF-LIFE 5 years as long as undamaged
CLEANING "Clean and disinfect the bump cap shell with mild detergent and warm water. Do not use solvents or harsh chemicals as those will affect the shell. The bump cap fabric skin can be home laundered at 40oC and air dried, also refer to the wash label on the bump cap fabric cover."
STORAGE "Pre-use they should be stored in the manufacturers packaging. Store the bump cap in a dry place at ambient temperature, away from direct sun, frost or chemical substances. Transport the bump cap in a clean and sufficiently stable container avoiding any impacts or objects falling onto it."
DISPOSAL "You can dispose of your bump cap as residual waste, in accordance with general disposal information. The bump cap shell is marked with its recycling category."
Helmet Marking 1 CE
Helmet Marking 2 Notified Body number: 2797
Helmet Marking 3 EN 812:2012
Helmet Marking 4 Warning: Not EN 397 / ANSI Z89 approved. Do not use in a hard hat area
Helmet Marking 5 Size range: 54-64 cm
Helmet Marking 6 Temperature: -30°C / 50°C
Helmet Marking 7 Manufacturer: ENHA
Helmet Marking 8 Product name: SYNTIS
Helmet Marking 9 Date of manufacture: month/year
Helmet Marking 10 A Material: HDPE recycling symbol
Helmet Marking 11 A Designs registered. Patent Pending
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