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SOTA N4 Enquiry

Alpha Solway


Medium Attenuation Ear Defender

Features and Benefits
  • SNR 32dB
  • Approved to EN352-1: 2002
  • Low profile cup design
  • Large ear cushions allow freedom to fit majority of ears for a comfortable fit
  • Easy on head adjustment thanks to soft adjustable strap
  • Low pressure but high performance neck band ear defender
  • Stylish green and black design
  • Quality gloss finish for easy maintenance
  • Full integration with other PPE
  • Maintains performance when using with safety helmets
Alpha Solway


The N4 ear defender has a wire band that fits easily around the neck making it ideal to wear with a safety helmet. It offers greater performance when compared to traditional helmet-mounted ear defenders. Soft ear cushions and an adjustable head strap allow for a secure, comfortable fit.

SNR=32dB H=35dB M=30dB L=22dB
Frequency (HZ) 125(Hz) 250(Hz) 500(Hz) 1000(Hz) 2000(Hz) 4000(Hz) 8000(Hz)
Assumed Protection 15 19.3 29.5 34.5 33 35 36.7
Mean Attenuation 18.1 21.1 31.4 37.7 35.9 38.4 39.4
Standard Deviation 3.2 1.8 1.8 3.2 2.9 3.3 2.7
Reusability YES
Certification EN352-1: 2002
Headband Cushion Nylon
Wire PVC
Clip ABS
Cup ABS (with Foam inside)
Cup Cushion Foam covered with PVC cloth
Ring ABS
Storage and Maintenance Before use, always keep the ear defender in its original packaging and in a dry, clean, uncontaminated environment. To avoid potential damage, ensure the earpiece pads are notpressed together during storage. Regularly inspect the ear defender for signs of damage andpotential loss of sound attenuation. This product may be cleaned using a damp cloth and mild soapy water but not with chemicals. Allow to dry before use. Do not use abrasive cloths or brushes which may cause damage upon contact with any surface of the product. Further information can be obtained from the manufacturer.
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