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Globus Group launches SHOWA ChemRest Protection Platform in UK
9th November 2021

ChemRest, the one-stop-shop for choosing the best hand protection against chemical risks, will aim to educate businesses on chemical threats.

Leading international PPE manufacturer Globus Group has launched the innovative SHOWA Protection Platform for the UK, providing a simple solution for choosing chemical hand protection.

The ChemRest platform by SHOWA aims to provide a one-stop-shop, helping businesses across all sectors to understand the chemical risks faced by their employees and provide the best safety gloves for the job.

According to Environmental Science & Technology, there are more than 350,000 chemicals and chemical mixtures in the world which are registered for commercial production and use.

With chemicals and abrasive solvents in use by millions of people worldwide, those working in contact with chemicals, hazardous substances, and even gases, such as simple cleaning detergents, are putting themselves at risk of injury.

With its core values of educate, evaluate, equip, the ChemRest service streamlines finding the right-hand protection based on an individual's and company's needs on one comprehensive platform. The ChemRest platform offers expert advice, recommendations, and a database of all types of chemicals and relevant hand protection.

The service, brought to the UK by Globus Group, allows companies to filter products by category, industry, chemical resistance and much more, empowering customers with the knowledge and tools to make better and more informed choices about their chemical hand protection.

Product Development Manager at Globus Group, Gregory Tessier said: "While chemical injuries occur mainly in occupations where chemicals are manufactured, they are also occurring across many industries across the country including painting, construction, oil & gas and manufacturing sectors as well as warehousing, transportation and agriculture.

"These injuries can happen when workers are unintentionally exposed to seemingly non-harmful solutions or gases over long periods of time.

"That's why we decided to launch ChemRest by SHOWA right here in the UK, offering our manufacturing knowledge and expertise to businesses aiming to reduce chemical-related injuries to workers."

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