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Over 25 Years of providing innovative protection solutions for healthcare and industry.
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Riley® offers a sophisticated range of high-performing safety eyewear, comprising of safety glasses, including RX prescription safety glasses and safety goggles.

Each of the safety eyewear products has been engineered with ingenuity and crafted to exceptional standards to protect your eyes in a wide range of environments. Constructed using the latest safety lens and frame technology, innovative designs and unique performance features; Riley is suited to a wide range of applications, providing a free-spirited attitude, allowing the wearer to feel self-assured and bold.

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About Riley

Riley consists of an array of stylish, individual frames with a timeless finish. The products have been created with ingenuity and crafted to exceptional standards with a contemporary, state-of-the-art approach.

The sleek nature of the glasses conveys low-key confidence, ensuring the wearer stays protected when operating in hazardous areas, with comfort as standard.

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Our History

Riley's prestigious range of safety eyewear is derived from years of extensive research and development. Headed up by a specialist team boasting decades of safety eyewear experience, the brand takes a completely fresh look at safety eye protection.

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