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Globus Group partners with HSJ to share the respiratory protection lessons learned from Covid
17th May 2021

Innovative international PPE firm Globus Group has partnered with the Health Service Journal (HSJ) to deliver its dedicated Respiratory Forum for leading healthcare professionals.

Globus Group, the largest British-owned and British-based PPE manufacturer, hosted an interactive discussion for healthcare heads across the country, to consider the ongoing challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the lessons learned, and to map a pathway of respiratory protection for frontline workers.

The HSJ's Virtual Respiratory Forum brings together national and local leaders, senior managers, clinicians, industry and the third sector to evaluate what has been accomplished in the fight against Covid, and to extract and share the lessons from the pandemic to ensure the healthcare sector is better prepared for future crises.

As a key partner of the event, Globus delivered a discussion highlighting its work with the NHS in Scotland and England during Covid-19, and how this encouraged the business to accelerate the development of a UK-based supply chain to help 'protect the protectors'.

The audience heard Globus Group's expert views on the transference of risk associated with PPE in a healthcare setting compared with an industry setting, and how the business has adapted its education, training, and support during the pandemic to offer the highest level of safeguarding for frontline workers.

The discussion also touched on the importance of ensuring respirators provide a secure fit for all workers, and the safety implications of badly fitted respirators which are not only uncomfortable but can compromise the protection they offer the wearer.

Michael Easton, Director of Globus Group, said: "It was great to partner with the HSJ on its virtual Respiratory Forum as it brought to light the many challenges the healthcare sector has faced over the last 18 months during the pandemic, both visible and hidden.

"We look forward to interacting and working with both the HSJ and healthcare leaders going forward to help share knowledge and continue to drive innovative solutions to protect the protectors."

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