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We have extended our range of Skytec chemical protection gloves, adding nine new glove solutions for use in various applications. The Skytec Chem glove range provides outstanding chemical protection against some of the most harmful chemicals.

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Chemical protection range

Hand Protection

Chemical-resistant gloves come in a wide variety of materials, thicknesses, and designs. It is important to consider the permeation breakthrough time of a glove to determine the most suitable option for the specific chemical being handled.

Respiratory Protection

Respiratory protection is extremely important when working in high-risk chemical environments. Our range includes disposable valve and non-valve respirators, and reusable face masks with various filter options for different applications. 

Protective Clothing

The Skytec reusable protective clothing are suitable for a variety of high-risk operations across different industries. The garment options are constructed with quality craftsmanship to reduce the risk of chemical exposure. 

Eye Protection

Eye protection is paramount when working in
high-risk environments to reduce the risk of chemical splashes. Combining optimum protection with comfort ensures safety eyewear is kept on throughout every task.

Chemical-compatible safety solutions

With more than 60 million chemicals registered worldwide, the correct protection for those handling them is crucial. Globus offers an all-encompassing safety solution, with various complementary chemical protective products.

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