About us

Globus Group provides innovative health and safety solutions for the healthcare and industrial sectors. Since 1994 we have been manufacturing high-performing world-class solutions to customers across the globe.

Who we are

At Globus Group, people are at the heart of everything we do. Our products are integral to our customers, enabling them to perform in their role safely, giving them the ability to do the best job they possibly can. We are a UK business with a strong heritage in providing high-quality health and safety solutions to the healthcare and industrial sectors. We have been protecting people for over 25 years and our responsibilities continue during the pandemic, strengthening resilience of supply.

Our customers and employees make us who we are today, our ability to quickly adapt makes us incredibly agile at finding quality innovative solutions to meet their needs.

What we do

Globus Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of global worker safety solutions for Hand Protection, Safety Eyewear, Head Protection, Hearing Protection and Respiratory Protection.

With a unique style and identity, our solutions are bespoke and built upon the cornerstones of protection, ‘wearability’, compliance and productivity. Our UK manufacturing sites not only allow us to adapt to changing requirements easily, they are also pivotal in creating innovative solutions, which are quick to market.

Why we do it

At Globus, we believe in the safety, reliability and wearability of our products. We are proud to protect our customers in their working lives, equipping them to perform their roles safely and empowering them to do the best job possible. As well as providing safety products that our customers trust, our collaborative approach sets us apart. We believe in building lifetime relationships with our customers and being there to respond to their changing requirements.


Globus Group products keep wearers safe in many situations, across a spectrum of industries as well as at home. They meet and exceed a diverse range of personal protective equipment requirements from the rigours of heavy construction to the complexities of clean room and aerospace manufacturing.


We owe our achievements to our dedicated employees. Here are a few honours that we’ve received for our business results, workplace culture and philanthropic activities.

BSiF Award – Safety Excellence Award 2019

Riley® was named winner of the BSIF Safety Solutions Award for its ground-breaking approach to protecting the eyesight of staff at leading global industrial lighting supplier Hubbell Scotland.

The BSIF Product Innovation, Service, & Safety Solution Awards promote the importance of innovation and underline the highest standards of excellence within occupational Safety and Health. The awards are a celebration of Safety & Health and help to demonstrate the importance of the role it plays across all industries in the UK. It’s time to move away from the notion of the ‘Burden of Health & Safety’ to celebrating and truly recognising the vital role we all have in looking after employees whilst they are at work. The UK has one of the best health & safety records in the world.

Queens Award 2017 – Globus Recognised for Enterprise Excellence

After 23 years of successfully introducing innovation and becoming a leader in the Personal Protective Equipment market, Globus Group has received one of the UK’s most prestigious awards for business performance – a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise is an awards programme for British businesses who excel at international trade, innovation or sustainable development. They are the most prestigious corporate awards that any UK business can win.

The accolade, in the International Trade category, was received for demonstrating ‘outstanding, year-on-year growth’ over the last six years and reflects the achievements the Globus Group has made in developing export markets.

Globus Group has proven itself as an industry leader, by protecting people working in all industry sectors with bespoke, high performance personal protective equipment solutions. Subsequently, this has resulted in it having an enviable track record in improving safety whilst delivering improved comfort for wearers and robust commercial benefits to their organisations.