Globus and its partners believe that economic and ecological development go hand in hand. This belief is underpinned by a commitment to being environmentally responsible to meet the needs of all stakeholders and conduct business with integrity.

Products are skilfully manufactured in facilities that participate in sustainable energy programmes by sourcing and using power from renewable bio-mass fuels.

Providing longer-lasting, washable product

Globus encourages users to get as much long-term use as possible from SHOWA and SKYTEC gloves and customers often see significant reductions in consumption. Certain gloves from the range are designed and manufactured to be used over a period of several days. As well as being highly durable, a selection of products from the portfolio are suitable for washing at 40°C with a neutral detergent (pH ≥ 5) and re-using.

Mechanical and/or chemical resistant properties typically remain after three washes but this depends on the degree of wear to the glove which must be checked.

Used gloves should always be disposed of in an appropriate and responsible manner. Contact us for more information