Committed to a Sustainable Future

At Globus Group, we are passionate about protecting our customers, enabling them to do their jobs safely and empowering them to do the best they possibly can.

We’re equally passionate about protecting our planet.

It’s our duty to future generations and we take it very seriously. We have over a quarter of a century of heritage in providing high quality-health and safety solutions, so we truly appreciate the importance of thinking long term. And we understand the REAL meaning and value of sustainability.

Reducing Impact - When compared to gloves containing ‘previous generation’ technology, the premium performance characteristics of Globus protective products can lead to significantly fewer products being used and disposed of across a project.

For more information view our sustainability brochure.

We pride ourselves on our agility and capacity to adapt and innovate. And we’re committed to applying that approach to the challenges of the green agenda.

We pledge to ensure our business and operations are as economically, environmentally and socially sustainable as possible – creating high quality local jobs, reducing waste and energy use, protecting natural resources, supporting our communities and strengthening local supply chains.

We believe that economic and ecological progress go hand in hand. So we will always strive to be environmentally responsible as we meet the needs of key partners and stakeholders. As an industry and manufacturing leader, we have a responsibility to set a good example, while maintaining outstanding levels of safety, protection and reliability across our PPE portfolio. Our gold standard range is manufactured using high quality, longer lasting materials and wherever possible our products are reusable and washable. Many products are manufactured in facilities that participate in sustainable energy programmes by sourcing and using power from renewable biomass fuels. The principles of reduce, re-use and recycle will drive many innovations across our product portfolio in the future.

So for us PPE also means Passionate about Protecting our Environment

Resilience and Sustainability

A key strategy for Globus is to manufacture 75% of our products in the UK. These plans have been accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, and, we have commissioned two new factories in England and Scotland creating hundreds of new UK jobs.

The substantial increase in local production rather than Far East manufacture is having and will continue to have a significant impact on our carbon footprint. The importance of control and resilience in local manufacture means we are already making good strides in driving efficiency and reducing waste. We are also working with our supply chain on sourcing more raw materials locally.


Our commitment to sustainability in action.

We are also working closely with our customers, partners, and suppliers to develop more environmentally friendly product and packaging solutions and business practices. Key Globus goals include accelerating reduction in the use of plastics wherever possible, developing innovative new technology to further reduce waste, and participating in sustainable energy programmes.

Towards Zero

In recent years, we have made some significant steps on the journey towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Head Office and the Group

We have:

  • Increased local production through substantial investment in UK facilities. As well as supporting local communities and creating jobs, this has a significant impact on our carbon footprint by massively reducing the travel distance of products
  • Moved our headquarters to a more energy-efficient building, which gives us double the space with only half the energy consumption
  • Installed LED lighting and motion sensors to reduce energy consumption and light pollution
  • Invested in an electric and hybrid fleet of company vehicles, with multiple charging points at our HQ
  • Switched to the most energy-efficient carrier network, leading to lower energy consumption per box, and movement to electric vehicle
  • Cut waste in our core local manufacturing process
  • Reduced the volume of material used in our core outer packaging
  • Recycled all core on-site materials
  • Switched to energy-creating incineration wherever possible and appropriate
  • Introduced eco/compostable bags or cardboard packaging for marketing materials and samples

Globus is actively exploring ways to improve options for the end users of its products to dispose of them sustainably.

Our Products and Packaging

As part of our overarching strategy, we are committed to bringing more sustainable solutions into our product range, our manufacturing processes and distribution. Safety and protection must remain at the core, but through investment in innovation and technology throughout the supply chain, we are finding new solutions to reduce the environmental impact. Enhancing sustainability without sacrificing quality.

We are reviewing our whole product range to reduce our use of packaging and single-use plastics wherever possible.

We are promoting the use of washable, reusable protective gloves to reduce PPE wastage. Encouraging longer-term use of gloves can help to significantly reduce overall consumption and waste.

We are always looking out for new ways to improve our sustainability, so please get in touch with us at We welcome any questions or feedback.