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From intricate surgical procedures through to handling chemotherapy drugs, HAIKA® offers a comprehensive range of protective gloves, masks and clothing for applications right across the healthcare spectrum.

In addition to the glove portfolio, Globus works in partnership with buyers conducting feasibility and usage assessments and then makes recommendations based on the organisation’s needs.

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About Haika

Haika offers medical grade personal protection solutions across respiratory, hand protection and protective clothing for applications right across the healthcare and industry spectrum.

Our expert team works closely with healthcare providers and frontline staff. This allows us to develop and deliver innovative solutions, providing the best possible protection for healthcare professionals and the patients they care for.

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Our History

For over two decades, Globus has worked with customers from across the world to build bespoke and professional hand protection solutions; protecting the most skilled of hands and enabling people to create the most amazing things.

We have also spent a significant amount of time researching and developing a healthcare offer to give glove wearers in NHS trusts and private healthcare establishments what they need, what they want and what works!

The result is an extensive portfolio of sterile surgical latex and non-latex gloves as well as non-sterile nitrile examination gloves and surgical masks under the HAIKA™ brand - underpinned by simple, effective solutions.