At Globus, we are committed to operating as a Greening Company, going further to become a
positive contributor to the Paris Agreement goals.
Our sustainability core values include a responsibility
to the long-term welfare of future generations.

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Our group strategy

Working closely with our customers and supply chain, we build sustainability and circularity into everything we do. Our environmental commitment is absolute. We do not just want to meet the minimal required standards; we want to set our sustainability bar as high as we possibly can.

That’s why we are moving beyond carbon-neutral goals to a Net Zero carbon reduction strategy and approach.

Zero is greater than neutral

Carbon neutrality is great but Net Zero is greater. The two terms are often used interchangeably but the difference is very important.

Carbon neutrality involves buying carbon reduction credits (offsetting) equivalent to the emissions you release but without any actual requirement to cut those emissions.

A Net Zero strategy, however, means actually cutting emissions with an accredited plan in line with the latest climate science. Less than 10% of emissions can be offset within a Net Zero approach.

Eco resources and references

Key Globus goals include accelerating reduction in the use of plastics wherever possible, developing innovative new technologies to reduce waste, and engaging in sustainable energy initiatives to contribute to a more environmentally responsible future.

Updates on our journey

So far, we’ve embedded sustainability into our operations and are driving forward a number of other projects and partnerships behind the scenes.

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