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About Us

Our Story

Our inception 25 years ago to our frontline response through the pandemic.

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Who we are

Globus Group is the UK’s largest PPE manufacturer and a leading European provider of innovative protection technology solutions. With over 25 years’ heritage Globus is leading the way in manufacturing resilience and sustainability.

The company is dedicated to developing innovative, high-performing and resilient European-made PPE products for distributors, healthcare providers and clients across global industry. We drive manufacturing innovation and excellence, providing an unrivalled pipeline of NPD safety solutions.

What we do

Globus Group is a leading international manufacturer of worker safety solutions for Respiratory Protection, Hand Protection, Safety Eyewear, Head Protection, Hearing Protection and Protective Clothing.

With a global footprint across Europe, the Middle east, Asia and North America, our collaborative approach sets us apart from competitors by building lifelong relationships with our customers though a bespoke and supportive service.

Our manufacturing sites across the UK, Germany and Italy allow us to be agile, adapting to evolving requirements easily and delivering innovative solutions that are quick to market.

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Europe's Most
Sustainable &
Resilient PPE

Strong supply chains through in-country manufacturing in five
European factories across the UK, Germany and Italy.

PPE for a
Sustainable Future
Made in Europe
See our Sustainability Story

A world of personal protective equipment solutions

Globus Group products keep wearers safe in many situations, across a spectrum of industries as well as at home. They meet and exceed a diverse range of personal protective equipment requirements from the rigours of heavy construction to the complexities of clean room and aerospace manufacturing.

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Why we do it

At Globus people are at the heart of everything we do. Our products are integral to our customers, equipping them to perform their roles safely and supporting them to the best job possible.

As a leader in the manufacturing sector, we have a responsibility to set the highest sustainability standards while maintaining outstanding levels of safety. We are committed to a sustainable future, driving energy efficiency, recycling and re-use through our robust sustainability plan and a commitment to reach net-zero by 2027.