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Skytec gloves deliver advanced hand protection for users across industry. The Skytec range will fulfil all your safety obligations whilst delivering exceptional value for money and useability.

This is underpinned by the positive impact the range will have on worker productivity, environmental and waste costs, insurance premiums, expensive downtime and ‘management’ time.

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About Skytec

Skytec range of gloves are synonymous with quality, innovation and value, some of the most technically advanced protective gloves in the industry.

Our products are designed for the most complex and hazardous tasks, offering appropriate levels of mechanical, chemical, cut, thermal, impact, liquid and anti-static protection.

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Our History

Skytec range has grown and encompasses a large range of gloves for various applications.

As we have grown, so has the range. More recent additions to the range include gloves engineered using recycled fibres and thoughtfully made to support the environment. Our commitment remains to produce environmentally friendly quality alternatives, supporting green initiatives, in order to boost your green credentials.