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Globus Group launches ultimate single-use glove range for industry and healthcare
6th May 2022

With three decades’ experience, Globus Group has developed a comprehensive range of secure fit, single-use gloves, sparking a new era of hand protection

Leading, innovative PPE manufacturer Globus Group has launched the ultimate range of single-use gloves, helping to put a barrier between hands and everyday hazards.

With a strong heritage in producing high-quality hand protection, Globus Group has introduced these premium, 100% nitrile gloves for users across industries, synonymous with quality, innovation and value.

Under the medically graded Hakia and industrial Skytec brands, this hand protection has been designed gloves specifically for varied applications and industries, including healthcare, food industry, pharmaceutical, laboratories, automotive and engineering.

Utilizing some of the most advanced manufacturing practices, all gloves have been rigorously tested and inspected, resulting in the highest levels of quality and chemical resistance.

Available in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and finishes, the non-latex and powder-free single-use gloves are perfect for any workforce.

Globus Group’s Product Development Manager Gregory Tessier said: “We’re pleased to launch this new high-performing range of gloves, suitable for any industry and application at a time when demand is higher than ever.

“Each of our single-use gloves are manufactured using the most advanced technologies at every stage of production to ensure consistent, premium quality.”

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