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Globus Group launches key PPE for the electrical industry
7th October 2021

The environmentally friendly electrical hand protection is designed for all types of electrical usage, helping to prevent thousands of injuries in the workplace.

Leading international PPE manufacturer, Globus Group has announced the launch of an exclusive range of high-quality insulating gloves to help keep vulnerable workers at risk of live electrical contact safe.

Created to provide insulation against shocks and electrical damage across a wide range of applications, the gloves are the ideal hand protection for the handling of electrical components.

Unlike other industrial processes, the range is manufactured with a water-based technology, without the use of solvents, helping to protect the environment.

The gloves form an insulative barrier between the wearer and the electrical point. This helps to prevent serious injury when dealing with all live electrical systems.

Globus has introduced three levels of protection in the range produced with high-quality, natural rubber to improve comfort and flexibility:

  • Natural rubber gloves – Offer electrical protection only. It is recommended these are worn underneath leather protectors to ensure mechanical protection
  • Composite gloves – Offers two-in-one protection with electrical insulation and mechanical protection and are complete with cotton fingerless under gloves to improve comfort
  • Arc flash gloves – Offers three-in-one protection with electrical insulation, mechanical and arc flash protection, available in various sizes with essential flexibility. These gloves come with cotton fingerless under gloves to improve comfort

Available for a wide range of applications across industry, including electricity generation, electric power transmission, distribution public lighting, electric traction, civil protection and electric cars, the gloves are essential for ensuring electrical and high-voltage safety.

Product Development Manager at Globus Group, Gregory Tessier said: "We're pleased to introduce this electrical glove solution for the industry which comes available with a wide range of accessories to help maintain the lifespan of the product.

"One of the many challenges for workers within the electrical industry is to ensure that the protective qualities of the gloves they are using are not compromised in any way. This range will give these workers confidence, enabling them to perform their role to the best of their ability."

Globus Group offers expert consultation to help businesses choose the best hand protection for their needs. To view the full range, click here.

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