Delivering a Sustainable
Future in Safety

Our sustainability core values include a deep commitment to the long-term welfare of future generations. That means we will ensure our business and operational processes are as economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable as possible.

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Net Zero - product strategy & approach

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We’re geared up for
a higher level of sustainability
and circularity.

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Moving beyond carbon neutral towards Net Zero with a carbon reduction plan.

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No Greenwashing!
Accredited measurable environmental impact.

Our three-step plan for sustainable success

Step 1

Carbon neutrality…and beyond

You won’t see us getting stuck in neutral. Products such as our range of Skytec Eco Gloves are already carbon neutral but we want to move our whole business to a higher level of sustainability. We’re minimising environmental impact across our full portfolio of products.

Step 2

Accredited carbon measuring

With the help of the SmartCarbon accounting platform, we are continually evolving our carbon reduction plan and approach to measurement. We are developing a database of all Globus products with ‘cradle-to-gate’ and ‘cradle-to-grave’ data.

Step 3

A robust and accredited
carbon reduction plan

Our Net Zero strategy is in line with requirements for government-aligned tenders and contracts. Our 2050 plan is for less than 10% of our residual carbon to be offset.

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