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the oil & gas industry

Working in the oil and gas industry can expose you to an array of high-risk hazards. With over 30 years of expertise, we offer a wide range of market-leading PPE specifically designed to protect workers in the offshore sector from injury.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential in the oil and gas industry due to its notoriously high-risk environment. Workers face exposure to hazardous chemicals, flammable materials, and heavy machinery, all of which present serious health and safety risks.

PPE such as gloves, respirators, ear defenders, flame-resistant protective clothing, and helmets, are vital for protecting against chemical exposure, fire, explosions, physical injuries, and harmful gases. Ear protection is necessary to prevent hearing damage from loud operational noises, while high-visibility protective clothing ensures workers can be easily seen, reducing the risk of accidents.

If PPE is ill-fitting or too large, employees are less likely to wear it, impacting their safety. Our range of Oil & Gas-focused PPE ensures optimum protection for all wearers, with safety solutions available in smaller sizes and adjustable options.

Safety remains at our core, but through innovation and technology, we are finding new ways to reduce our environmental impact and enhance sustainability without sacrificing quality.

Our Oil & Gas range includes eco-friendly alternatives designed with environmental consideration.

Hazards in the oil & gas industry
Toxic Gas Exposure
Chemical Hazards
Fire & Explosion
Dust & Fumes Exposure
Cuts & Burns
How dangerous can it be?
Although the injury rate is decreasing, the Oil & Gas industry still experiences 2,867 injuries per 100,000 workers, meaning 2.8% of workers sustain an injury annually.
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Hand Protection
Hand protection is crucial for workers in the Oil and Gas industry who are exposed to heat, sharp objects, impacts, and chemicals. As well as this, working long hours outdoors throughout the year also means gloves need to protect against changing weather conditions. Globus offer a solution for the specific task at hand, with smaller sizes for a diverse workforce.
Respiratory Protection
Respiratory protection is an essential part of PPE for Oil and Gas industry workers being exposed to toxic chemicals and dust, especially those working in confined spaces. Our range of respiratory protective equipment includes premium reusable and disposable solutions that prioritise safety and have exceptional compatibility with other PPE.
Hearing Protection
Prolonged exposure to loud noise can lead to permanent hearing loss, tinnitus, and other auditory issues. Hearing protection, such as earplugs or ear defenders, helps reduce noise exposure to protect hearing. Globus offers high-performance, comfortable ear protection, including fully adjustable ear defenders to provide the best fit for any head size.
Eye Protection
Flying debris, dust, and high humidity causing glasses to fog are some of the hazards offshore workers face. Exposure to UV can also be extremely damaging to your eyes when working outdoors. Our Riley safety eyewear solutions are available in a range of lens tint options. All lenses offer UV protection, anti-fog, and anti-scratch capabilities.
Head Protection
Offshore workers are exposed to various hazards that require effective and comfortable head protection. Falling objects pose a high threat, potentially causing brain and skull damage, leading to sustained injuries and lengthy periods of time off work. Globus head protection is available in adjustable sizing to ensure inclusive PPE that fits, for everyone.
Protective Clothing
Whether shielding from hazardous chemicals, flames, or static – making the correct choice of protective clothing is paramount to employee wellbeing. Skytec protective clothing is specifically designed for Oil and Gas applications, and we are introducing new ranges to ensure whatever the application, there is a Skytec solution for you.
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The 360 Safety Programme is a free no-obligation service, to help assess and identify the specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needs for a particular site or workplace. The personalised and tailor-made assessment provided can be adjusted to align with your specific business requirements.

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