Updates on our journey

What we’ve done already towards Net Zero.

So far, we’ve embedded sustainability into our operations and are driving forward a number of
other projects and partnerships behind the scenes.

Investing in UK facilities not only boosts local production, supports communities, and creates jobs but also significantly reduces our Carbon Footprint.
Cut waste in our core local manufacturing process and reduced the volume of material used in our core outer packaging. Recycled all core on-site materials.
Invested over £10m in research and development of new technologies. Reducing the amount of plastic and energy required to produce our products.

We're more energy efficient:

Carrier network

Switched to the most energy efficient carrier network, resulting in reduced energy consumption per unit and a shift towards electric vehicles.

Our vehicles

Invested in an electric and hybrid fleet of company vehicles with multiple charging points at our HQ.

Our headquarters

Moved our headquarters to a more energy efficient building, giving us double the space with only half the energy consumption.

Smart technologies

Invested in smart technologies, including LED lighting and motion sensors to reduce energy consumption and light pollution.


We have switched to UK generated, 100% renewable energy

totalling 107,205,231kWH, over the next five years across our sites.

Continued innovation
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We continuously innovate to improve product durability and increase our use of eco-conscious materials and biodegradable products.

We are also committed to the reduction and phasing out of unnecessary packaging, to minimise waste through precise management of production lines and quality control.

Key environmental initiatives currently underway from Globus, in partnership with our suppliers, include:

Ensuring that user information sheets and instruction information is printed on recycled paper.

Working with a major supplier to start using thinner cartons in order to reduce the overall product weight.

Replaced the plastic polybags used in packaging for the majority of products with a sustainable alternative.

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