Inclusive safety

Globus recognises that one size does not fit all and PPE needs to suit an increasingly diverse workforce. Safety is paramount and the correct fitting PPE is crucial to keeping workers safe, protected, and able to work at their best performance. 

Did you know?


Women make up 70%...

Women make up 70% of the global health workforce, yet the majority of PPE is designed for men. <br><i>(Source: WGH, 2023)</i>


71% of women who need PPE...

71% of women who need PPE use equipment designed for men.<br> <i>(Source: Trade Union, 2017)<i>


17% of female health workers...

17% of female health workers globally said there is no PPE in their sizes available.<br><i>(Source: WGH, 2021)</i>


72% of HCWs indicated...

72% of HCWs indicated that their safety glasses were often too big and surgical masks were ill-fitting.<br><i>(Source: WGH, 2022)</i>


Women are twice as likely...

Women are twice as likely to fail face fit testing compared to men. <br><i>(Source: Brighton University, 2020)</i>

PPE designed for everyone
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In order to be protective, PPE needs to be well-fitting, and comfortable whatever the size, shape, or gender of the wearer. If PPE is ill-fitting or too large, employees are less likely to wear it, impacting their safety.

With a high proportion of women working in the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, and an increasing number of females entering the construction and manufacturing sectors, female-designed PPE has never been more important to ensure optimum safety for all workers.

Globus continue to design innovative solutions across our product categories specifically for female wear.

Our latest innovation is the Riley Stream Evo Small safety glasses, specifically engineered for smaller and female face shapes. 

Stream Evo Small ensures inclusive, high-performance protection for all members of the workforce. Including a contoured narrower fit design to fit a female face shape and duo-spherical lens curvature so that eyelashes do not touch the lenses.

In addition to eyewear, we offer a range of PPE designed for women, including masks and gloves, in smaller sizes and helmets in adjustable sizes.

Explore our inclusive safety solutions

Our hand protection range is available in XS and S sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for all wearers.
Eyewear options with a contoured narrower fit, designed specifically for smaller face shapes.
Respiratory protection
Globus has RPE options in smaller sizes, ensuring an air-tight seal for optimum respiratory protection.
Adjustable helmets and bump caps allow protection for smaller head shapes.

Empowering women with
perfectly-fitting PPE

If you are looking to ensure your PPE offering is suitable for the entire workforce, The Globus 360 Programme can help you with face fit testing and product trials, ensuring every employee is guaranteed optimum safety. 

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