Lens coatings

Riley’s safety eyewear features a range of options for impact protection with robust polycarbonate lenses. Delivering perfect optical quality and high-performance protection while conforming to EN 166.

Each model in Riley’s portfolio is available in a range of lens tint options to allow safe working in a wide variety of applications. The Riley exclusive TECTON™ coating technology also features on selected products, to bolster durability and help reduce cost-in-use.

Anti-fog & anti-scratch

A coating that’s applied to both sides of many Riley eyewear products, making the lenses more resistant to scratches and misting. The coating meets the 'K' (anti-scratch) and 'N' (anti-mist) standards of EN 166.
Moisture repellant

Clarity of vision is provided for outdoor workers through the moisture-repellent ARIDA™ coating on the outer surface. The inner surface of the lens also has anti-fogging properties.
Anti-fog/Anti-scratch/UV 400 protection/Moisture repellant
The TECTON 400 coating helps prevent high UV light from passing through the lenses. This coating contains anti-scratch and anti-fog properties on both sides of the lenses, and is moisture repellent.


Helping you see clearly

Each Riley glasses option is available in a variety of lens tints to allow for safe working in a wide array of applications. Selected models also protect up to 400 nanometres to provide maximum protection from both UVA and UVB light regardless of lens tint, absorbing the lower part of the blue light in the visible spectrum.

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