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Next Generation filter media
solutions for Automotive &
Heavy Duty Engines

In the realm of automotive technology advancements, undoubtedly, filtration media plays a crucial role in
safeguarding the health and efficiency of vehicle engines.

Globus’ next-generation High-Performance 
Filtration Media proactively shields the engine and fuel system 
by preventing the intrusion of harmful contaminants like dust particles, soot, dirt, and water. This leads to long-lasting filtration efficiency which optimises fuel consumption, prevents potential wear and tear, and contributes significantly to emissions reduction. 

Technical Features:

  • Single & multiple composite media for
    High-Performance Filtration
  • Covering all media types; Cellulosic, Fully Synthetic,
  • Enhanced durability at high operating temperatures
  • Excellent Dust Holding Capacity (DHC)
  • Media solutions for optimal filtration efficiencies
  • Complete range of material weights and media combinations

Filter Media Portfolio

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Performance & Longevity

For consistent engine performance & longevity, filters must meet the highest quality standards. That’s why, for all your filtration requirements, Globus Performance Materials is your perfect partner and stands by your side, providing the filtration media solutions you need.


Fuel Filter
Ensuring the optimal performance of the mobility sector (vehicles and heavy-duty engine trucks) with our cutting-edge fuel filtration solutions. Our fuel filtration systems are designed to remove contaminants, impurities and separating water from fuel, safeguarding the engines against damage and maximizing their longevity.
Oil Filter
Engineered for excellence, our oil filtration media technology utilises a proprietary blend of high-quality materials, including advanced synthetic media and reinforced components. This unique composition enhances dirt-holding capacity and durability, delivering superior filtration efficiency and extended service life.
Air Filter
Unlock the full potential of your air filters with our advanced air filter media. Engineered to uphold the highest standards of performance and durability, our filters serve as the first line of defence against harmful airborne contaminants, safeguarding engine's longevity and efficiency.

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