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Globus Group increases sustainable PPE offering with the launch of eco-friendly gloves
5th August 2021

Leading international PPE manufacturer Globus Group has rolled out a next-generation range of sustainable safety gloves, as part of its ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

The new range, from the innovative firm's protective glove brand Skytec, includes the recycled polyester multi-purpose glove, Redeem™, and Recon™ – a high-grip glove with recycled yarns.

Redeem™ is one of the first of its kind on the market for comfortable, eco-friendly protective gloves. Each pair incorporates recycled materials equivalent to a 500ml plastic bottle, or 10g of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Made from 50% recycled polyester, Redeem comes complete with biodegradable polybag packaging and ensures a secure grip, excellent abrasion resistance and a secure fit.

Recon™, is manufactured with 44% recycled materials, comes complete with paper strap packaging, reducing single-use plastic to help protect the environment. This glove provides heat protection up to 250⁰C alongside high-grip performance and a breathable coating.

Redeem and Recon

Gregory Tessier, Product Development Manager at Globus Group, said:

"It's fantastic that we can offer our customers eco-friendly alternatives to hand protection, helping to support the environment and demonstrating how our innovative approach can bring about more sustainable products."

"As a business, our approach is to utilize sustainable innovations within our products. In reducing and eliminating the use of single-use plastic within our packaging, we're helping to fulfil our strategy of increasing sustainable outputs and lowering our environmental footprint."

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