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Globus Group launches UK-made medical grade clear face mask range
18th October 2021

The new transparent masks have been manufactured to offer high-quality protection and clearer communication.

Leading international PPE company Globus Group, who continues to drive manufacturing innovation, has launched a range of cutting-edge face masks to help aid communication whilst wearing protective equipment.

The certified and UKCA/CE marked range will include one of the first transparent FFP3 grade face masks to be available to healthcare professionals and all industries relying on visual communication, delivering the highest level of respiratory protection.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the transparent face mask offers a breakthrough for specific audiences, particularly children and the elderly as well as those suffering from hearing-impairments, learning disabilities, autism or dementia. Being able to communicate properly with patients, especially those with communication difficulties, is crucial for patient safety and wellbeing in healthcare.

Effective communication, particularly in a healthcare setting, relies on positive non-verbal elements, such as expression and emotion. Miscommunication is a key cause of medical errors and can be easily prevented by not missing these critical facial cues. Therefore, Globus Group responded to this need by producing the new, innovative see-through HAIKA MX C and Alpha Solway HXC-2 and HXC-3 face masks.

The masks have been designed with the addition of a clear anti-fog front panel, positioned to prevent reflection and make lip reading easier. This helps to improve communication across the board, allowing the wearer to share a friendly smile and making conversation more natural and accessible.

This innovative clear mask range has been designed in line with Globus Group's leading respiratory offering, providing enhanced comfort and breathability, as many frontline healthcare workers wear their masks for hours at a time.

The masks can also be used for a wide range of applications in industries outside healthcare where communication is vital such as the public sector, retail, education, and leisure & hospitality.

Commenting on the launch, Managing Director of Alpha Solway, part of Globus Group, Steven Binnie said:

"The breakthrough of our transparent respiratory range will be invaluable for the estimated 12 million people across the UK who live with hearing loss and struggle to communicate with those wearing face coverings as the covid pandemic continues.

"Positive non-verbal communication has been shown to decrease patient anxiety and give better outcomes. And it gives the patient confidence that a physician is sensitive and understanding. As a result, the patient is more trusting and communicative.

"While our current range of face masks and respirators offer the highest levels of protection, these new additions will add significant benefits in areas where non-verbal communication is essential.

"Our healthcare team have been working closely with frontline NHS staff throughout the pandemic and this new product range was developed to help them in their interactions with patients and each other. It has been designed to offer maximum comfort and breathability, ensuring confidence for the wearer that they can be understood when communicating with others, creating a positive impact and culture for all."

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