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Globus Group supports Deaf Awareness Week 2021
7th May 2021

Innovative international PPE company Globus Group has today issued vital guidance to help reduce work-related hearing injuries in support of Deaf Awareness Week 2021.

The annual event aims to raise awareness of the isolation that deaf people can experience as well as promoting the positive aspects of living with deafness and the importance of social inclusion.

As part of the week's events, Globus Group has highlighted the importance of hearing protection and its essential use within the workplace.

According to the Office for National Statistics' (ONS) Labour Force Survey (LFS) and the Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB), there are more than 17,000 workers in the UK with work-related hearing problems, with 95 new cases of occupational deafness recorded in 2019.

The most common cause of hearing loss is exposure to loud noises of over 85 decibels. Industries in which there is serious risk to workers' hearing include: construction; engineering, manufacturing; food production; automotive and demolition.

Globus' innovative safety solutions are specially designed to substantially reduce and even eliminate the potentially devastating effects of workplace-related noise.

There are two types of hearing protection products on the market to keep workforces safe – ear plugs and ear defenders.

Ear plugs

One of the highest forms of hearing protection on the market, ear plugs are robust enough to fit your ear canal, reducing the sound pressure on your ear drum.

Disposable ear plugs

These are perfect for environments where noise levels are below 105 decibels. Ideal for temporary visitors or perhaps those who aren't exposed to noisy environments for a prolonged period of time.

For a disposable ear plug, the Alpha Solway simple-fit range products are manufactured to be inserted quickly and with ease.

Reusable ear plugs

To improve green credentials and for a more sustainable ear plug solution reusable ear plugs increase the lifespan of the product and are produced to be worn multiple times by one user.

The Alpha Solway EPR reusable ear plug range helps to reduce environmental wastage compared to the standard single-use products. With a secure and comfortable fit, the triple cone shape is designed to improve the levels of protection, making them easy to use. To view more on these, click here.

Ear defenders

Sitting on top of the ears, ear defenders provide protection in excessively loud environments where hearing protection is paramount. However, to work effectively, the product must fit securely and provide a firm seal over the ears.

Resembling stereo headphones, they work by 'muffling' the sound pressure. Ear defenders are an ideal option for providing compatibility with other types of PPE.

The Alpha Solway H5 is a high-performing, durable and lightweight ear defender. The product features large, soft ear cushions and a thick, flexible padded headband for comfort. It has the highest attenuation protection in the range and is fully adjustable for most head sizes.

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