Globus Innovation Insights: April Edition
26th April 2024

Innovation is fundamental to our identity, driving our products and safety solutions forward. This ‘Insights Update’ offers a regular snapshot of our extensive pipeline of activity.

Find out what’s new this month:

Skytec Sapphire Nano Foam+

Elevating our renowned Skytec Sapphire range, the Nano Foam+ sets a new standard with its exceptional features. Offering high cut resistance Level F/A7, it provides optimum protection without compromising on comfort or dexterity. Crafted with precision in mind, this glove maintains an ultra-thin feel, making it ideal for intricate tasks. Plus, with a reinforced thumb crotch for added durability and touchscreen capabilities, it ensures maximum safety, even when working with screen devices.

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Skytec Sapphire Zinc

Offering high versatility with the option to wear as an under glove, or by itself – the Skytec Sapphire Zinc prioritises high-level cut protection and comfort. The glass and steel fibre-free glove offers a reduced risk of irritation, and increased comfort due to the spandex in the liner.

Uniquely, the gloves are ambidextrous for easy and quick donning, and breathable to reduce perspiration for continuous wear.

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Skytec Sapphire Tungsten

Another exciting addition to our Sapphire range is the Skytec Sapphire Tungsten. Providing high cut-resistant level E/ANSI A5, the glove features a leather palm to further protect from sharp edges, while maintaining excellent grip when handling heavy metal parts. The unique leather reinforcement on the thumb crotch and aramid stitches means an increase in glove lifetime, reducing replacement costs.

The glove also showcases contact heat protection up to 100°C / 212°F for a short period, further demonstrating its optimum protective capabilities.

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Skytec TRC750

As part of our Tricolore range, the Skytec TRC750 offers high cut and water protection, whilst considering environmental impact. With contact heat protection up to 100 degrees Celsius and cut resistance level E due to the fully encapsulated steel and nylon outer, TRC750 is ideal for those working with sharp and abrasive materials.

With our commitment to becoming a Net Zero PPE provider, switching to the TRC750 has a carbon dioxide saving of 28g per pair, and it is manufactured using rPET from a 500ml recycled bottle.

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Skytec Torq Bora

A new addition to our Torq impact range, the Torq Bora combines seamless impact resistance with high-level cut resistance, for optimum protection and safety.

The glove also features a nitrile foam sandy coating on the palm, maximising grip, and the reinforced thumb crotch enhances durability. The ergonomic TPR design allows outstanding flexibility, meaning hand fatigue is reduced.

With contact heat protection up to 100°C/212°F for a short period, the glove is ideal for those in the oil and gas, construction, and mining industries where high levels of protection are needed.

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Riley Ligera ECO

The first to market safety eyewear without single-use plastic packaging.

The Riley Ligera ECO combines maximum wearer fit, and comfort with a sleek sports design and ultra-lightweight feel, weighing just 16.5g.

Adhering to high Riley standards, Ligera ECO features anti-scratch and anti-fog dual-coated UV400 lenses, delivering perfect optical quality for every wearer in accordance with EN 166. Ligera Eco also boasts high-impact resistance under extreme temperatures from -5-55°C.

With no single-use packaging used, Ligera ECO considers environmental impact without compromising on high performance. The glasses are supplied in a microfibre pouch made from 100% recycled material, meaning swapping to 3 pairs of Ligera ECO is equivalent to recycling one 500ml plastic bottle.

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