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Skytec protective clothing improved safety and wearer acceptance for Techrete
5th January 2024

Founded in 1985, Techrete is the leading company in the design, manufacture, and installation of architectural precast cladding, serving the UK and Irish construction markets. Offering a complete precast solution from bespoke design through to manufacture, and installation.

The Situation
Techrete employs 350 people in 4 locations in Brigg, Dublin, Leicester and London with manufacturing facilities in Brigg and Dublin. HSE Officer on the sites, Steve Birkett, identified a potential risk associated with the existing chemical clothing solution. In response, he collaborated with Globus Group to find a suitable solution involving appropriate PPE and chemical suits. Techrete employees who wore the current garments communicated that they had observed escalated fabric deterioration over extended periods of wear. Dedicated to proactively tackling potential concerns and swiftly achieving a resolution, Steve wholeheartedly engaged in conducting a comprehensive assessment of the current protective workwear.

The Solution
Steve initiated contact with Globus Group to procure fabric swatches for internal testing against the chemicals in question. Subsequently, a representative from Globus Group conducted an on-site visit to gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and work towards a viable resolution. The outcomes of the trial were exceptional compared to Techrete's existing protective clothing solution. 

Comprehensive testing revealed significantly reduced abrasion of the tough ChemSol fabric, known for its exceptional chemical-resistant properties. This not only translates to an extended garment lifespan but also offers a versatile and cost-effective sustainable option, potentially reducing the frequency of purchases. The suit's design integrated the innovative Glovezon system, a clever solution to enhance the connection between the chemical suit and gloves. This had been a challenge in the past for Techrete employees, but the new system effectively addressed the issue whilst also being reusable. Post-trial, a positive cultural shift continued within the company, marked by a complete absence of accidents. 

Additionally, employees experienced increased comfort and flexibility owing to the lighter material, contributing to increased morale and the continuous promotion of a positive health and safety culture.

The Benefits
The advantages of the Skytec garments provided a more robust protective clothing solution meticulously designed for long-lasting performance. The material composition of the Skytec chemical clothing garments demonstrated remarkable mechanical strength, resilience, and extended durability.

"The level of quality and safety offered by the protective clothing we now supply our workforce with, from Globus Group, surpasses our previous solution in terms of comfort and longevity. The fabrics' exceptional quality and the garments' construction have far exceeded our initial expectations," remarked Steve.

"Furthermore, the fact that these garments are manufactured here in the UK has further enhanced our commitment to environmental sustainability," he added.
According to Steve, the implementation of the new protective garments was met with enthusiasm among Techrete employees, who responded positively to the chosen Skytec chemical clothing solutions. Most importantly, they now possess a heightened sense of assurance in their ability to carry out their tasks safely and securely.

Download the case study, here.

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