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Tony Barnas: Advocating for PPE beyond the workplace
2nd May 2024

Even though Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a legal requirement when at work, hazards and wearing PPE outside of the workplace are often overlooked.

Tony Barnas, who worked for fourteen years as Head of Health and Safety at a construction company, understands the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) deeply.

In 2021, during a routine inspection of one of his construction sites, Tony was introduced to Riley safety glasses by a representative from Globus. As highly durable eyewear with robust polycarbonate lenses for impact protection, Tony saw his Riley safety glasses as a perfect fit out of the workplace too, meeting his requirements for his cycling hobby.

Riley glasses also feature our Revo lenses and Arida coating, which minimises UV light transmission, has anti-scratch coatings, and moisture-repellent features – making it an ideal option for outdoor tasks and activities.

Tony’s Accident

On the 15th of May 2022, during a routine cycling trip, Tony encountered a dangerous situation. A stationary car door unexpectedly swung open into his path, causing him to be thrown off his bicycle and into oncoming traffic, which luckily stopped in time, and the impact of the fall caused some sustained injuries. The metal frame of the door hit his safety eyewear. Fortunately, his Riley glasses shielded his left eye from direct impact, potentially preventing sight loss. His injuries, including a traumatic brain injury and several near life-threatening injuries, required weeks in hospital and ongoing rehabilitation. Tony firmly believes that had he not been wearing his Riley glasses, the outcome could have been far more catastrophic. Furthermore, traditional glasses could have shattered under the impact, which could have resulted in the loss of Tony’s sight. Thankfully, the lenses of his glasses, like all Riley safety eyewear, are manufactured with robust polycarbonate lenses ensuring they do not shatter upon impact.

Road to recovery

Despite the challenges, Tony explains:

“One of my goals working with my neurophysiotherapist is to cycle again off-road. I feel that the Riley eyewear saved the sight in my left eye if I was not wearing them the impact would have been directly into my eye. Also, If I were wearing glasses that shattered, then the pieces could have resulted in loss of sight.” – Tony Barnas

Tony credits his safety glasses for averting a more catastrophic outcome. Recognising the importance of eye protection, he acquired a new pair of Riley glasses for added confidence. Furthermore, following a recommendation from his optometrist, Tony now wears prescription Riley Sivion glasses, obtained through Globus's Riley RX service, enhancing his cycling experience.

The importance of PPE outside the workplace

Tony's experience serves as a reminder of the importance of PPE beyond the workplace. Whether for leisure or work, prioritising safety through proper PPE can mitigate injuries and even save lives. By sharing his experience, Tony advocates for a proactive safety culture, emphasising the importance of embracing PPE beyond the workplace ensuring protection and well-being for all.

Prioritise safety through PPE in and out of the workplace, request a free sample of Riley eyewear today: