3016 Jet Helmet-Mounted Ear Defenders
3016 Jet Helmet-Mounted Ear Defenders

3016 Jet

Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders

3016 Jet Helmet-Mounted Ear Defenders mobile image
3016 Jet Helmet-Mounted Ear Defenders mobile image

Product Features

  • Style code: 3016 (JET
  • Helmet mounted ear defenders
  • UKCA CE CAT III certified
  • Conforms to EN 352-3 standards
  • Compatible with Skytec Rockman helmet models
  • Height adjustable cups for a perfect fit
  • Soft ear pads for added comfort
  • Spare parts available
  • Color options: - Black cups with Yellow ring, Orange cups with Black ring
  • Made in Germany




Aircraft and Airfield Operations
Highway Repairs and Maintenance
Fossil Fuel Extraction and Refining
Commercial Vehicles


Hearing Protection
Padded Headband

Further Information

Introducing Skytec 3016 SHOT Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders, designed to provide superior hearing protection with convenience and versatility. These ear defenders feature height adjustable stainless steel arms and universal 30 mm side tabs, allowing for easy attachment to EU standard helmet models, including all variations of Skytec ROCKMAN. The height adjustable cups allow for a perfect fit, ensuring maximum comfort and noise reduction. The soft ear pads Skytecnce the overall comfort, even during extended wear. Spare parts are readily available, ensuring easy maintenance and replacement. Rest assured, these ear defenders are proudly Made in Germany, guaranteeing exceptional quality, durability, and reliable performance. With the Skytec 3016 SHOT Ear defenders, you can trust that your hearing protection needs are met with excellence.

Product Specifics

Primary Color
Secondary Color
Wire MaterialStainless Steel
Cup MaterialABS
Cup CushionPVC, Foam
Headband / Arms MaterialArms




EN 352-3:2002


Items per Case40
Case weight7.6kg
Units per Pallet480

Unit Dimensions

Unit Weight190g


Cat LevelIII

Frequencies Protection

Frequency (HZ) 125hz (Hz) 250hz (Hz) 500hz (Hz) 1000hz (Hz) 2000hz (Hz) 4000hz (Hz) 8000hz (Hz)
Mean Attenuation 14.2 20.4 29.3 33.1 25.8 31.1 34.4
Standard Deviation 4 4.1 3.5 4.6 3.1 3 4
Assumed Protection 10.2 16.3 25.8 28.5 22.7 28.1 30.4
Recommendations for Use
Refer to manufacturer instructions before wear. Cup type ear defenders and especially the ear cushions can wear by even normal use and should be frequently inspected for signs of and cracks. Replace the ear cushions if necessary but at least every 6 months. The old sealing pads can be pulled off and the replacements carefully attached to the ear cups in the correct position. The cup foam inlays also should be replaced on a regular basis. (recommended every 6 months). The headband should not be bent or adjusted if not necessary in order to provide the tension required for the optimal performance of the hearing protector.
Clean with warm soapy water, do not use solvents for cleaning - see manufacturer instructions for more info.
When not in use or during transportation keep in its original packaging. Ensure ear muffs are dry when placed in the packaging.
Notified Body CE
2797 | BSI Group The Netherlands B.V. - Say Building, John M. Keynesplein 9, 1066 EP, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Notified Body UKCA
0086 | BSI Assurance UK Ltd - Kitemark Court Davy Avenue Knowlhill, Milton Keynes MK5 8PP, United Kingdom
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