Alpha Sentinel A1 Filters
Alpha Sentinel A1 Filters

Alpha Sentinal A1 Filters (Pair)

Premium Alpha Sentinel Filters

Alpha Sentinel A1 Filters mobile image
Alpha Sentinel A1 Filters mobile image

Product Features

  • Gas filters are snowstorm filled to optimise space and volume, resulting in a smaller light weight casing that limits obstruction of view when fitted
  • Particulate P3S & P3H contain pleated filter media, providing more surface area for reduced breathing resistance
  • Sentinel filters are fitted with a simple connection which easily click into position
  • All filter combinations are light weight and can be used on both Full Face and Half Mask
  • The P3P Filter is tested to 'R', allowing the use for more than one shift



Chemical Handling and Containment
Painting and Finishing
Woodwork and Fabrication

Further Information

The Sentinel filter range offers protection against hazardous gas, vapour and particulates within a wide variety of industries. Fully compatible with the Sentinel Full Face and Half Mask, the ergonomic filters offer incredibly low breathing resistance with optimised volume when fitted.

Available Options

Product Code Color Width Length Height Weight
77mm 211mm 37mm 200g

Product Specifics

Master SKUASRAS0005B
SeriesAlpha Sentinel


EN 14387:2021 A1

EN 14387:2021

Value A1
Type A
Vapors emanating from organic compounds > 65 °C
Class 1 Low Capacity, up to 1000ppm


Selected Option Specifics (ASRAS0005BZ)

Main Color

Unit Dimensions

Unit Weight200g
Unit Width77mm
Unit Length211mm
Unit Height37mm


Items per Pack4
Items per Case1
Case height40.8cm
Case width34cm
Case length45cm
Units per Pallet3072
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