EP20 Detectable Cord Plug Box 200prs
EP20 Detectable Cord Plug Box 200prs


Simple-Fit™ Disposable Detectable Foam Ear Plugs

EP20 Detectable Cord Plug Box 200prs mobile image
EP20 Detectable Cord Plug Box 200prs mobile image

Product Features

  • SNR 34dB
  • Embedded with stainless steel elements make this ideal for the food industry
  • Corded - Ideal for multiple use in a day
  • Each pair of Ear Plugs are individually packaged
  • High performance, high comfort
  • A unique, new tapered design
  • Stylish blue finish makes it applicable for the food industry
  • Lightweight yet durable plastic cord
  • Made with soft polyurethane (PU) material for enhanced comfort
  • Use a simple "Roll, Insert, Twist" action when inserting earplugs
  • Full integration with other PPE



Component and Product Assembly
Vehicle Assembly
Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance
Highway Repairs and Maintenance
Bottling and Canning
Electrical Engineering and Maintenance
Paper and Card Handling
Metal Fabrication Work
Food Preparation and Handling
Infrastructure Engineering
Woodwork and Fabrication
General Maintenance
Metal Forging and Processing
Textile Manufacturing


Individually Bagged
Fits Any Ear
Enhanced Comfort

Further Information

Stainless steel elements embedded within the ear plugs and cord of EP20 make them fully detectable and an ideal choice for food processing environments. The durable lightweight cord promotes extended wear and helps to prevent loss.

Product Specifics

Primary Color




EN 352-2:2002


Items per Pack200
Items per Case2000
Case height32.5cm
Case width34.6cm
Case length59.9cm
Case weight8.3kg

Unit Dimensions

Unit Weight4.65g



Frequencies Protection

Frequency (HZ) 63hz (Hz) 125hz (Hz) 250hz (Hz) 500hz (Hz) 1000hz (Hz) 2000hz (Hz) 4000hz (Hz) 8000hz (Hz)
Mean Attenuation 33.1 32.8 35 38.8 38 32.8 42.6 46.8
Standard Deviation 1.6 2.5 4.4 3.4 5 2.2 4 4.8
Assumed Protection 31.5 30.3 30.6 65.4 33 30.6 38.6 42
Recommendations for Use
This equipment is for personal use and should not be shared by different operators.
This product can be adversely affected by certain chemical substances Additional information should be obtained by the manufacturer Please do not clean with any chemicals The ear defenders can be cleaned using a cloth which has been moistened using warm soap water Allow to dry before reuse Do not use any abrasive brushes or other materials which could damage the insulating lining or seals Do not immerse the ear defenders in water Only use cleaning agents which do not adversley affect the user
Before use, store in a dry, clean, uncontaminated environment.
These disposable ear plugs must be replaced after each use and should be disposed of away from children.
EC Compliance
EU Certification according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 issued by: SATRA Technology Europe Limited, Bracetown Business Park, Clonee D15 YN2P, Republic of Ireland. [N.B. No.2777].
Notified Body CE
2777 | Satra Technology Europe Ltd - Bracetown Business Park, Clonee, Dublin 15, Dublin, Ireland
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