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IX-3 Horizontal Fold Flat FFP3
IX-3 Horizontal Fold Flat FFP3


P3 Disposable Fold-Flat Respirator

IX-3 Horizontal Fold Flat FFP3 mobile image
IX-3 Horizontal Fold Flat FFP3 mobile image

Product Features

  • Lightweight, fold flat respirator
  • Flexible nose bridge
  • Electrostatic filter media
  • Conforms to EN 149:2001+A1:2009
  • FFP3 NR
  • Low profile exhalation valve to reduce heat and moisture build up
  • Tapered shape for enhanced fit
  • Premium quality straps ensure stability on the face
  • Non-ferrous nose bridge
  • Valve free
  • Latex and silicone free
  • Available in two size options, (regular - IX and large IXL). Ideal to fit a wide range of face shapes




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Battery Manufacturing
Craft and Hobbies
Metal Fabrication Work
Disease and Infection Control
Handling Hazardous and Toxic Waste
Woodwork and Fabrication


Exceptional Fit
Low Profile Valve

Further Information

The IX-SERIES is a horizontal fold flat disposable respirator designed to offer an excellent fit.

Available Options

Product Code Size Colour Weight
White /White

Product Specifics

Master SKUASRIX300
Filter Media MaterialNon-Woven Textile
Inner Cover MaterialPolypropylene
Headstrap MaterialLatex-Free Elastane,Polyester,Textile Elastic
Outer Cover MaterialPolypropylene
Nosefoam MaterialPolyethylene Foam


Cat LevelIII
EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 FFP3 NR

EN 149:2001

Class FFP3


Selected Option Specifics (ASRIX300AF) (ASRIX300AH)

Main Colour
Shelf Life5yr

Selected Option Specifics (ASRIX300AF) (ASRIX300AH)

Main Colour
Shelf Life5yr

Storage Conditions

Minimum Temperature-5°C
Maximum Temperature35°C

Unit Dimensions

Unit Weight1.37g

Unit Dimensions

Unit Weight1.3g


Items per Pack20
Items per Case240
Case height27cm
Case width32.4cm
Case length47.7cm
Units per Pallet6720


Items per Pack20
Items per Case240
Case height28cm
Case width33cm
Case length48cm
Units per Pallet6720

Product Selector Guidance Chart

Option Assigned Protection (APF) Oil/Water Based Particulates Non-Toxic Dusts Fine Toxic Dusts/Mists/Fumes Very Fine Toxic Dusts/Mists/Fumes Metal Fume
ASRIX300AH 20 Recommended Alternative Alternative Recommended Recommended

Parts Dimensions

Part Width Length Height
Respirator 96 mm 224 mm 4 mm
Part Width Length Height
Respirator 106.56 mm 234 mm 4 mm
Recommendations for Use
USER INSTRUCTIONS: Use only in accordance with these instructions, as incorrect use could result in danger to life or health. Fit according to instructions BEFORE entering the contaminated area. Discard safely after use or replace with a new respirator if: • Excessive clogging of the respirator causes breathing difficulty or discomfort • If the respirator becomes damaged • The respirator has been worn for 8 hours. Do not use in oxygen deficient, (less than 19%), explosive atmospheres or confined spaces where gases or aerosols may accumulate and the concentration of contaminant is immediately dangerous to life or health, (over the IDLH value). Leave the contaminated area if: • The respirator is damaged • You become dizzy or have difficulty breathing • You become irritated or other distress occurs • You become uncertain of the nature and/or concentration of contaminant. WARNING: • As facial hair reduces the protection offered it is recommended that these respirators are used by clean shaven personnel only • Do not use for protection against gases • Single shift use only • Do not remove whilst in contaminated area.
EC Compliance
Economic Operator [EU]: Globus EMEA Ltd., 51 Dawson Street, Dublin, D02 AN25, Ireland. Product conforms to the requirement of: UK Regulation 2016/425 on PPE, brought into UK Law and amended & Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Type-Examination, (Module B), Certificates issued by: UK - CCQS UK Ltd., Level 2, 5 Harbour Exchange Square, London, E14 9GE, UK. [A.B. No. 1105]. EU - CCQS Certification Services Ltd., Block 1 Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Ballycoolin Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin D155 AKK1, Ireland. [N.B. No. 2834]. PPE is subject to the conformity assessment procedure, conformity to type based on Quality Assurances of the production process, (Module D), under the surveillance of the Approved/Notified Body(ies): UK - SGS UK Ltd., Rossmore Business Park, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH65 3EN, UK. [A.B. No. 0120]. EU - SGS Fimko Oy, Takomtie 8, FI-00380, Helsinki, Finland. [N.B. No. 0598].