N4 Neckband Earmuff
N4 Neckband Earmuff


Medium Attenuation Ear Defender

N4 Neckband Earmuff mobile image
N4 Neckband Earmuff mobile image

Product Features

  • SNR 32dB
  • Lower profile cup design
  • Large ear cushions allow freedom to fit majority of ears for a comfortable fit
  • Easy on head adjustment thanks to soft adjustable strap
  • Low pressure but high performance neck band ear defender
  • Stylish green and black design
  • Quality gloss finish for easy maintenance
  • Full integration with other PPE
  • Maintains performance when using with safety helmets
  • Approved to EN352-1: 2002



Aircraft and Airfield Operations
Highway Repairs and Maintenance
Working in Extreme Temperatures
Bottling and Canning
Craft and Hobbies
Food Preparation and Handling
Drilling and Boring
Fossil Fuel Extraction and Refining
Woodwork and Fabrication
General Maintenance
Metal Forging and Processing


Hard Hat Compatible
Fits Any Ear
Enhanced Comfort

Further Information

A high performance, comfortable ear defender without the weight, N4 features large, soft ear cushions and a low profile adjustable head strap for wear with helmets. The N4 model is fully adjustable to provide a superior fit for most head sizes.

Product Specifics

Primary Color
Secondary Color
Headband Cushion MaterialNylon
Wire MaterialStainless Steel
Ring MaterialABS
Clip MaterialABS
Cup MaterialABS, Foam
Cup CushionFoam, PVC




EN 352-1:2002


Items per Case20
Case height32cm
Case width66cm
Case length35cm
Case weight6.77kg

Unit Dimensions

Unit Weight283g



Frequencies Protection

Frequency (HZ) 125hz (Hz) 250hz (Hz) 500hz (Hz) 1000hz (Hz) 2000hz (Hz) 4000hz (Hz) 8000hz (Hz)
Mean Attenuation 18.1 21.1 31.4 37.7 35.9 38.4 39.4
Standard Deviation 3.2 1.8 1.8 3.2 2.9 3.3 2.7
Assumed Protection 15 19.3 29.5 34.5 33 35 36.7
Recommendations for Use
Refer to manufacturer instructions before wear. Cup type ear defenders and especially the ear cushions can wear by even normal use and should be frequently inspected for signs of and cracks. Replace the ear cushions if necessary but at least every 6 months. The old sealing pads can be pulled off and the replacements carefully attached to the ear cups in the correct position. The cup foam inlays also should be replaced on a regular basis. (recommended every 6 months). The headband should not be bent or adjusted if not necessary in order to provide the tension required for the optimal performance of the hearing protector.
This product can be adversely affected by certain chemical substances Additional information should be obtained by the manufacturer Please do not clean with any chemicals The ear defenders can be cleaned using a cloth which has been moistened using warm soap water Allow to dry before reuse Do not use any abrasive brushes or other materials which could damage the insulating lining or seals Do not immerse the ear defenders in water Only use cleaning agents which do not adversley affect the user
Before use, always keep the ear defender in its original packaging and in a dry, clean, uncontaminated environment. To avoid potential damage, ensure the earpiece pads are not pressed together during storage.
EC Compliance
EU Certification according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 issued by: SATRA Technology Europe Limited, Bracetown Business Park, Clonee D15 YN2P, Republic of Ireland. [N.B. No.2777].
Notified Body CE
0086 | BSI Assurance UK Ltd - Kitemark Court Davy Avenue Knowlhill, Milton Keynes MK5 8PP, United Kingdom
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