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Our Sustainable and eco solutions

Leading the way in sustainable &
Eco-friendly PPE solutions

The leading, most comprehensive eco-friendly
safety range in the market!

At Globus Group, we believe that businesses have a responsibility to protect both their workers and the environment. With a measurable carbon impact, our eco-safety range is the leading, most comprehensive in the market and will genuinely support our customers’ journey towards Net-Zero.

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As part of our commitment to becoming a Net Zero PPE Solution Provider, in addition to operational and logistical changes, we are introducing new innovations right across our product ranges to minimise the impact on the environment. At the same time, quality is of utmost importance and safety legislation and appropriate accreditation underpins our evolving global strategic goals.

Our Goals:

• Product Credentials - Unmatched eco credentials and safety protection

• Technology not offsetting - Innovative eco-technologies contributing toward
net zero NOT carbon offsetting

• No greenwashing  - Evidence and independent verification

• Efficient production - More efficient production – less water, energy, and C02

• Product durability - Maximum quality and product durability for less waste

Packaging - Adoption and application of less plastic
more eco-friendly packaging across the range.

As businesses become more conscious of their environmental impact, there's a growing need for sustainable PPE solutions. Sustainable workwear is top of our agenda as we look to not only at using recycled materials, sustainable manufacturing processes but also look at the longevity of our products where possible, as durability goes hand in hand with the environmental impact.

Providing a net zero pathway

We are committed to continuing to expand our local, sustainable supply chain, reducing the travel-related carbon footprint of raw materials and boosting local economies.

Through investment in innovation and technology, we continue to create product innovations, aimed at reducing the environmental impact and enhancing sustainability without sacrificing quality.